07/14/2023 - S.French
How to Export Drills

Imagine you have used Apple Music on your Mac to create some Custom Cycle playlists and synched them to the music library on your iPad Mini. Then on your iPad Mini, in each playlist, for each track, you have prepared the perfect drill, carefully entering them using the app's drill editor and your bluetooth keyboard. Now is the perfect time to save these drills off somewhere in case your iOS device gets stolen or broken. Here is how you do that.

  1. In the CycleTimer2 app, select a playlist and track to see the music player. In the upper right corner tap the Share button. ( This will export all the drills for all the tracks in all the playlists. You only have to do it once to export them all. )
  2. Select an app to send the drills to. In the example I have selected the Apple Mail app.
  3. Enter an email address and subject. These can be anything valid. I have entered "CMT drills from iPad mini" for the subject.
  4. Hit the Send button. The drills file will appear as an attachment to the email message.

NOTE: Each drill is matched with an Artist Name and Track Name combination such that when the Track by the specific Artist appears in the timer window the drill will also appear. If you share your drills with someone else they will need to have the same Artists and Tracks in their iTunes library in order for the drills to match up.